To build a safe spiritual space for activists and empower for revolutionary social transformation.

Jesus 4 Revolutionaries

Pursuing Jesus, Justice, and the Beloved Community.

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Faith and Justice.

Jesus for Revolutionaries has created spaces for activists to engage issues of justice from a Biblical perspective. If you are an activist who finds yourself constantly having to choose between your faith and the issues of justice that you care deeply about, this space is for you.


To build a safe spiritual space for activists and empower revolutionary social transformation.

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Since J4R was founded more than a decade ago, we have aimed to create spaces where activists are able to reconcile their deep passion for their communities with issues of justice and with their faith. This has looked differently over the years. We have mentored students as well as conducted Bible studies and discussions that focus on issues of faith and justice. As a community, we have been part of the Border Posada, where a church service is held on both sides of the US-Mexico border. J4R leaders were also a part of Camino Del Inmigrante, which was a pilgrimage of activists and faith leaders embodying the dangerous journey that immigrants take to get to this country. Leaders and participants in J4R have been leaders and organizers in several social justice-oriented organizations, campaigns, protests, and cohorts. We hope that spaces like J4R will continue to grow, as these spaces have been places of empowerment, healing, and growth for activists.

If you are passionate about issues of justice and would like a space to connect issues of justice with faith, we invite you to join us at one of our monthly J4R Church Services or at one of our events. If you would like to create a space like J4R, we hope that the resources on our site are helpful. Feel free to contact us with your questions.


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