Jesus 4 Revolutionaries was established in 2006 by Robert and Erica Romero.  Robert has been a professor at UCLA for 13 years, is an attorney and ordained minister, and received his J.D. from Berkeley and Ph.D. from UCLA in Latin American history.  As a new professor at UCLA, Robert met many students who came to UCLA with faith in Jesus, but who lost their faith because they were told by most professors that Christianity was a racist, classist, and sexist religion which was opposed to social justice.  By that time, Erica had already worked in urban ministry with Cru for more 14 years in South Los Angeles, had impacted hundreds of urban youth as part of the S.A.Y. Yes! Centers for Youth Development, and trained many church and college service learning teams.  God brought Robert and Erica together in ministry and marriage, and J4R was created as a space to share Christ with activist students, especially Students of Color, and to train and mobilize students in issues of race and social justice from a Christ-centered and biblical perspective.


12 years later, Robert and Erica have mentored, trained, and mobilized hundreds of  students and young adults, and have seen students come to faith in Christ in radical ways.  They have given trainings, talks, and lectures at UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, California State University, Long Beach and Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College, Pasadena City College, Whitman College, the Claremont Colleges, Fuller Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, the Forum for Theological Exploration, InterVarsity, Cru, the Lenses Institute, the Christian Community Development Association, World Vision, and various Christian colleges and universities such as Bethel University, Calvin College, Biola, Vanguard University, and Azusa Pacific University.  J4R currently sponsors a monthly church service for social justice-minded Christians who feel that they do not belong in traditional ecclesial spaces, as well as a 6-month leadership training cohort funded by the Forum for Theological Exploration.  Most recently, J4R has begun the process of launching Base Christian Communities on community college campuses in Los Angeles.   


The ministry and work of J4R has been featured in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, the Christian Post, and a recent study by the U.S.C. Center for Religion and Civic Culture.  Robert is also an InterVarsity Press author and recipient of a national book award in Latina/o Studies. J4R alumni have gone on to become lawyers, teachers, pastors, researchers, global and urban missionaries, community organizers, and even professors in the Ivy League.  In the past year, J4R also helped launch the Matthew 25 Movement in Southern California for which Robert and Erica serve as co-chairs.  The M25 movement has trained and mobilized thousands of Christians and hundreds of churches to stand with immigrant families who are going through unjust deportation, and it has been featured on CNN and a variety of English and Spanish-language television outlets.  J4R students were central to the founding of M25, and are active in its continued ministry.   


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