Hope from the Hood: the Christian Community Development Movement and the Metro CDC in Compton

IMG_2991My last blog shared about the dark reality of racial segregation in the United States.  Time for some hope.  From the hood. 
       Unknown to most people, there is an amazing movement of Christian Community Development in the United States.  Thousands of  Christians of all colors and stripes and denominations are living and laboring in urban communities throughout the U.S. in the name of Jesus.  Many are from urban communities, and others relocate to serve humbly alongside existing urban churches.  Another important goal is to help raise up indigenous leaders to transform the city.  To learn more about the Christian Community Development movement check out: http://www.ccda.org/
       As an illustration of Christian Community Development, I’d like to share a story of hope from Compton.  This story involves a young man and rising leader named Chris, some friends of mine who have lived and served in Compton for the past two decades, and the Metro Community Development Corporation (http://metrocdc.org/).  Here, in their own words, is their recent story of hope from the hood. 
       "Chris grew up in Compton and faced many challenges as a youngster such as foster
care, a gang lifestyle and poor education.  After high school, he became involved with our Construction/Discipleship Program, growing in his relationship with the
Lord and earning his contractor’s certificate.
       On one occasion, Chris bid a job calling for a 20ft beam to be installed in an attic. As they were discussing the job, the client revealed that he was the director of a security organization within a major retail mall.  In the end, Chris told the client that he would be willing to install the beam for FREE if the client would interview him for a job with his security firm. The man agreed.  After a third-party interview, Chris was hired the following day and  has full time employment with benefits! Now he has the dignity of being able to provide for his new wife and daughter.
       Driving the security vehicle around the parking lot is one of his functions.  To do so, Chris needed to provide proof of having a valid driver’s license by the end of the year.  Unfortunately, he owed $800 for an outstanding traffic ticket he incurred as a teenager.  This amount would not seem horribly overwhelming to you or me, but for Chris, this might as well be millions!  His ordinary resources are just too limited and if the fines weren’t paid, he’d lose this job.
       However, through the resources of Metro CDC, another option presented itself.  Chris was able to sell one of our donated cars, and not only pay off his debt, but keep his job as well.  He is one of our Courageous Leaders, a family man growing in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ."
       To learn more about Metro CDC, or to help support the training and mentorship of young leaders like Chris by donating a car, go to:  http://metrocdc.org/
In much hope!
Robert Chao Romero