Jesus for Revolutionaries: The Gathering! April 5 in L.A.!

IMG_1123 Being an activist who cares about faith can be a lonely place.  Sometimes it feels like we live in the "borderlands" between the worlds of institutional Christianity and activism.  In institutional religious circles we are often misunderstood; in the activist world we often hear:  "How can you be a Christian.  That's a racist, classist, and sexist "colonizer's" religion.  It's a tough place to be. 

If you can related to what I just said, come join us on April 5  for our very first Jesus for Revolutionaries: the Gathering!!!   4-6 p.m. in Pico Union (L.A.).  Details above!!!

The goal of Jesus for Revolutionaries is to provide a safe spiritual space for activists to gather, rest, and connect!  Spread the word to a revolutionary near you!

See you there!








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