Modern Day Revolutionaries Part II: Sojourners, the Justice Conference, and Diverse Campus Ministries

CSC Logo Continuing from my last post, I'd like to share some more Christian organizations and ministries which have been at the forefront of issues of race, culture, and justice in the United States.  This week's lineup is a diverse motley involved with issues ranging from policy to diverse campus ministry...



Sojourners was founded by Rev. Jim Wallis many years ago to pursue God’s heart for justice by doing all of the things we’ve talked about in this book.  The organization is named after African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Sojourner Truth.  Jim Wallis has written many wonderful books about God and the pursuit of justice (cited in the Appendix).  Sojourners is involved with national and international level advocacy around the many issues of justice, including human trafficking, undocumented immigrant rights, fair trade, etc.   Sojourners also publishes a monthly magazine and sponsors an influential blog called “God’s Politics.”

The Justice Conference

The Justice Conference is another great organization which puts on a fantastic conference centered upon the theme of faith and justice.  Unlike the CCDA which is focused upon community development, the Justice Conference explores a broader variety of themes related to race, human trafficking, the arts, etc.   The Justice Conference was founded by World Relief and Kilns College, and its annual conference draws a wide range of  support from many Christian organizations.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship:  Social Justice League and Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is at the forefront of student ministries dealing with issues of race and justice.  I have a warm spot in my heart for IV because my grandfather started IV in China in the 1930’s and I used to be the faculty advisor for IV at UCLA.   From inner city summer projects like the Los Angeles Urban Project (or “LAUP”), to racial-reconciliation dialogues, to spring break border consciousness trips, IV is leading the way.  IV has even started a “Social Justice League” ( and a special community development program in central California called the “Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership”(

To read more about the variety of programs and ministries that IV has to offer, see:

Culturally Diverse Campus Ministries

InterVarsity and Cru also sponsor ethnically diverse student ministries.  They celebrate the ethnic cultures of university students while at the same time strive to promote racial reconciliation and solidarity among all students.  Here are some orgs which I’ve had the privilege of learning about and working with over the years:

Latino Campus Orgs:



African American Campus Orgs


Black Campus Ministries:

Asian American Campus Orgs


Asian American Ministries:

Promoting A Culturally Diverse Church

Increasingly, the Christian church in America is realizing that diversity is one of its biggest strengths and that it is vital to promote cultural unity within its ranks.  I know of two special organizations which are devoted to these specific goals:

Renew Partnerships



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