Who is Jesus?

Check out these podcasts by Central American pastor, Erwin McManus! ( 48, 90-92)  Erwin is from El Salvador and one of the most dynamic Christian speakers in the U.S. 48,90-9

Is the Bible reliable?
Check out these talks by Erwin McManus and the Veritas Forum! The VF is an awesome event held on college and university campuses throughout the world…

Does God exist?
Here are some great answers to this age-old question by an African American website called, “da real truth,” and from the Veritas Forum…

Where is God in Suffering?


Was Jesus white?

Is science compatible with faith?

Jesus and world religions.
Checkout these great podcasts from Erwin McManus (110-113)



Truth’s Table Podcast.
Follow this podcast that is a space created by Black women, for Black women. Through a Christian lens, these leaders  share their perspectives on race, politics, gender, etc. 

Follow Truth's Table

History of LA from Critical Christian Perspective.
A short video about the history of L.A. from a Critical Christian Perspective.  “The History of L.A.”  Together L.A. Conference.

Student Council for Racial Reconciliation Conference.
Check out Robert’s talk about the Jesus for Revolutionaries book at the recent Student Council for Racial Reconciliation Conference!  

His Word Does Not Return Void: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King.
”In this YouVersion exclusive video, Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King shares how the power of God’s Word shaped her life growing up as the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., and how we can tap into that same power today, in order to practice true justice towards others: by walking in mercy and humility. “

Black Women and the Burden of Strength The Chanequa Walker-Barnes Interview.
Watch this interview with Chanequa Walker-Barnes, the writer of Too Heavy a Yoke- Black Women and the Burden of Strength.




The mission of Sub: Culture is to “Assist ministries in comprehensively communicating the good news to students of color through resourcing, consultation, and collaboration.” Check them out here:



“The Sanctuary Movement and Central American Activism in Los Angeles”.