Faith & Justice. 

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Leadership Cohort 2018 

Modeled after the Base Christian Communities from Latin America, this leadership cohort is training leaders to be faith-rooted activists. 

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J4R Monthly Church Service

Jesus 4 Revolutionaries holds a monthly church service. Some of the past topics for J4R Church Services have been about "Decolonizing the Bible", "Liberation Theology and the History of Pico Union",  and "God's Heart for Immigrants".  If you're an activist looking for a space to rest this is a space for you; if you're curious  about how faith intersects with justice, this is a space for you. For more information about monthly church services, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. 


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J4R has partnered with several organizations, including faith-based organizations, that work to promote justice for marginalized communities. 



Working with Community Colleges

Sam and Glafira, our staff members, are currently developing partnerships at community colleges to  establish Christian base communities on campuses. 

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