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Jesus for Revolutionaries: An Introduction to Race, Social Justice, and Christianity by Robert Chao Romero, Foreword by Michael Mata

Are you a “Revolutionary”?  Are you passionate about issues of race and social justice, and also curious about faith? Jesus for Revolutionaries is for you! J4R is an introduction to race, social justice, and Christianity for activists. Topics of examination include: a biblical framework for diversity, race, and gender; mixed race issues; undocumented immigration; affirmative action; politics and faith; the history of Christian social justice; and, Christian community development and organizing.

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Kindle:  https://www.amazon.com/Jesus-Revolutionaries-Introduction-Justice-Christianity-ebook/dp/B00GIF6GJA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1492354584&sr=8-5&keywords=jesus+for+revolutionaries+kindle

100% of book proceeds will go to fund the ministry of J4R and towards scholarships for AB-540 students.


Here’s what some people are saying about Jesus for Revolutionaries:

“For years I felt that social justice and a belief in God could not co-exist, this book has changed that for me. This book strengthens my faith even more, I am ready to create the change I dream of creating and now I am more confident than ever that God will help me in my quest.”

-Jose Flores, graduate student, UCLA Department of Social Welfare.


“Jesus for Revolutionaries is a much needed resource for students who have a passion for righting the injustice in the world around them. Being a U.C. Berkeley alumna, I was surrounded by protests and causes to be passionate about. This book will help students to understand how their faith intersects with their passion for social justice. It is a great resource and I am sure many student activists will be moved by it.”

-Donicia Brown, U.C. Berkeley, African American Studies, alumna.


“Robert Romero’s book is fast-paced, well-researched and subversive. Expertly combining his scholarly background in ethnic studies, personal experiences as an Asian-Latino, pastor’s heart, and robust sense of humor — Romero explores the topic of modern-day justice work in a creative way that challenges readers to re-evaluate who Jesus really was and what he’s about in our world today.  Read this book and you will laugh, learn, and be challenged to accept the role you play in bringing justice and healing to our world.”

-Christena Cleveland, author, Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart.


“If you have been engaged in the struggle for racial and social justice, seeded in a heart renewed by the Suffering Servant Jesus… if you have ever felt strangely lonely as both a gospel-centered Christian and a kingdom-seeking progressive… if you have searched for voices that spoke the convictions that lead you to your knees in prayer and take you to the streets in protest… Jesus for Revolutionaries will speak to your spirit, enflame your passion, and sharpen your vision.”

-Paul F. Lai, pastor and doctoral student, U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Education.


“Professor Romero provides an invaluable perspective to the intersectionality of race, class, gender…This book is a blessing for Jesus loving student activists who desire to do God’s work and make a difference in the world.”

-Iris Lucero, doctoral student, UCLA School of Education.


“Dr. Robert Romero, a “Chino-Chicano” offers a revolutionary book from his multidisciplinary Critical Race Theory perspectives that weaves in legal, historical, and biblical perspectives.  Incorporating micro personal narratives Romero dares vulnerability, and reinterpreting the biblical texts from the Critical Race Theory lens, he occupies the biblical texts’ revolutionary space that counters the ideological use of the texts…The readers will be prompted to join the movement of Jesus for the revolutionaries.  Count me in.”

-Rev Young Lee Hertig, PhD

Executive Director of ISAAC(the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity), Organizing Pastor of Shalom Café in South Pasadena, CA.