Soul Care for Activists.

Our passion is to create spaces where activists can engage both faith and social justice issues. There is often a lack of space for activists to engage what Jesus has to say about the issues that are affecting their communities, and the communities that they care about. As a result of this, activists are often forced to neglect the issues that they care about in a church space, or leave behind their faith in an activist space. 

This is a space created for activists who are curious about engaging faith with their activism, and for Christians who want to engage with issues of social justice. We hope that this space be a space of healing, empowerment, learning, and action that is rooted in Jesus' heart for justice. 


History of Working with Activists.

Jesus for Revolutionaries was created as a space to share Christ with activist students, especially Students of Color, and to train and mobilize students in issues of race and social justice from a Christ-centered and biblical perspective. J4R has mentored and worked with hundreds of students who are activists-primarily students of color. J4R has held events, discussions, and Bible studies where students are able to engage with issues of faith and justice. We have accompanied students at protests, and at events where they have engaged their communities. Recently, we had the opportunity to create a leadership cohort that incorporated the tradition of base Christian communities, where nonprofit leaders, union leaders, teachers, seminary students, and college students came together. Leaders came together to lead church services on topics such as, “Nehemiah and Community Organizing", "Centering Native & Indigenous Voices in Christian Spaces", and "Art & Activism: Police Brutality & the Exodus of Black Students". 


Focus on Community Colleges.

Aside from building community with Christian networks through our J4R Church, we are also working with students at different community colleges and four year colleges. We are currently building partnerships at community colleges in Southern California, and guiding students to develop Base Christian Communities on their campuses where they are able to engage with issues of faith and justice. These communities are spaces for self reflection, Bible study, worship, training, community support, and action on issues of social justice. 

There is often a lack of faith resources that are invested at community colleges, but there is an immense amount of spiritual wealth that is found in students at community colleges. Furthermore, a  large proportion of students at community colleges are the first in their families to go to college, and are often leaders and activists within their own communities. Jesus for Revolutionaries hopes to create spaces of soul care for students, where students are able to develop as faith-rooted leaders. There is so much that these students have to offer to this world and to the church, and we believe that having spaces like these are crucial. 

We have started working to build partnerships with students at East Los Angeles Community College, where activism is a beautiful part of the culture at ELAC. We hope to build partnerships with other community colleges in California in the near future.

If you are a college student who is interested in creating a space like this, please email us at We look forward to connecting with you!